Stay active, stay strong

Our mission

To satisfy and fuel the nutritional needs of active adults aged 50+.

Get to know us

Tempo was founded back in 2017. We’re based in South London, and we have created a new generation of functional high-protein shakes with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals specially tailored for active over 50s. Staying active is without doubt a core pillar of living a long and healthy active lifestyle.

We’re a passionate team of healthy, active individuals from nutritionists, creatives, tasters, writers and everything in between. We love healthy living and being mindful of the food we consume and keeping active and taking care of ourselves as we get older, as our bodies change. Healthy eating should be simple, attainable and maintainable. However, there is a problem in finding the right guidance and the right products to support our bodies as our nutritional needs change.

Tempo is the daily protein boost that helps you live your life to the max.

Our active nutrition protein blends