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Healthy and delicious, when topped with fruit and honey, you can’t beat a good bowl of porridge oats for breakfast.

Not only is this strawberry porridge hearty, but it’s also creamy, packed with fresh strawberries, and a deliciously sweet way to start your day. Once you’ve mastered the recipe, get creative and add your favourite toppings. Fruit, toasted nuts and honey – the options are endless.

Other than being low in fat, porridge is a great source of minerals, fibre and slow-releasing carbohydrates, providing long-lasting energy for the day and keeping you feeling fuller for longer.


50g porridge oats
350ml your chosen milk
1 serving Tempo strawberry protein powder
2tbsp thick Greek yoghurt
5 strawberries, halved
Simmer the oats in the milk over a medium heat, stirring gently, until thickened (around 4-5 minutes)
Remove from the heat and stir in the whey protein
Drizzle of honey (depending on how sweet you like it)
Top with yoghurt, strawberries and honey