Stay active, stay strong

Why Tempo?

Life’s for living and every second counts. That’s why we’ve created Tempo – a unique blend of protein and micro-nutrients designed for active humans aged 50+.

No-nonsense nutrition

We like science, evidence and facts, and we promise to give it to you straight. With our nutritionist-approved formula, we’re always upfront about our ingredients and exactly what they can do for you.

Drawing on the latest nutritional thinking and evidence from peer-reviewed journals, Tempo is a clever combination of protein and micro-nutrients. We know what works for the 50+ body, so that’s what we use.

We can’t promise you superpowers or immortality, but Tempo gives you the goodness your body needs, just when you need it.

Specially for 50+

Staying active and having a high-protein diet become even more important as we get older. It’s over to you for the exercise, but Tempo® can help you get the protein your body needs to live an active lifestyle.

Every serving of Tempo is packed with 21g of high-quality whey protein, a complete, concentrated source of protein that’s easily absorbed by the body. This protein power pop helps to support muscle maintenance and bone health, so you can keep on keeping on, doing what you love to do.

High protein boost

Tempo® contains our special Actimax® blend of micro-nutrients and protein. Designed by a nutritionist, it combines a range of ingredients that are scientifically proven to support active humans aged 50+.

Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass. Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium help to maintain normal bones, Vitamin B12 contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism while folic acid helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. 

Put them all together and you have a unique blend to support your lifestyle in one delicious daily shake.

Lust for life

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